Dronz Photos

Drone photography opens up an interesting opportunity of capturing photos and monitoring.


According to the new drone law, small drones and micro-UAS are now open to be used by general public under FAA regulations. Drones are able to capture breath-taking photographs of real time mountains, rivers, natural resources, emergency scenes, and so on. Drone photos are a common tool for academic researchers, roofing inspections, energy leak detection, wild life monitoring, bridge inspections and so on. Drone photos are a creative way of capturing the scenes and moments from aerial views which were impossible to capture in any other manner.

Here are some top photos taken by drones.

Aerial photos

Drone photos are taken by unmanned aerial vehicles by professionals, businesses, hobbyists, or casual explorers. They give a larger and wider perspective of an object from a greater heights.

Greater accuracy

Drone photos have greater accuracy due to the cameras attached to the devices and provide clear photos. The high resolution cameras give clear pictures from a height of about 500 feet from the ground.

Quick access

Drone photos can be captured in the most emergency or critical situations. Drones can maneuver in fires or high winds and different angles. They can transmit the photos instantly to the people on the ground.


Drone photos are useful in many domains mainly for inspection and monitoring. Business applications of drone photos include real estate, aerial photography, sports photos, wildlife photos, research, academics, news, pipeline inspection, bridge inspection, roof inspection, and so on. Drone photos are very useful for businesses that involve routine inspection. You can take great family photos with drones such as wedding pictures, graduation photos, and so on. Drone photos can be a business itself which could be profitable if you are competitive in your area and have required permissions.

Other applications of drone photos are in the advertising and marketing business. Colleges, institutions, and so on can promote their campuses using the drone photos. Drone photos are a great aid in agriculture for crop monitoring and scouting the area. Large areas of land can be remotely inspected and monitored using the drone photos. Drone photos are also used in construction business. Frequent updates are possible with the drone photos and job progress can be tracked using the drone photos. Inspecting the structures and checking any failures is possible using drone photos.

Drone photos are a great investment as they save time and cost involved in inspection and monitoring. Drone photos are useful in disaster management, emergency situations, and planning relief activities. Earthquakes, wildfires, and floods are some of the natural calamities where human access may not be possible. Any chemical or biological explosions where human entry is dangerous, drone photos are helpful. Drone photos can be used to assess the situation and plan the appropriate aid in such situations. Insurance industry is relying on the drone photos for proof of the claims and damage assessment.


You can find drone photos on the Internet but there are some exclusive areas such as the Dronestagram, Pinterest, Instagram, and other networks. Explore the drone photos and you can like/tag/comment on the picture you like. You may have to buy the picture if you want to reuse it in your works. Shutterstock and istockphoto are some resources where you can buy the high resolution pictures. If the images are labeled for reuse, you can use them with appropriate credits.

You also need to check with the local rules and FAA regulations before taking a picture with drone. Privacy restrictions may apply in public places such as beaches and other private properties. Drone photos can also be found in Google Images but check for clarity and rights. Find a local photographer who is an expert in drone photos if you want to get a personal picture of a drone. You can take your own drone photo by following the guidelines and getting registration and certification to fly the micro unmanned aerial system or drone. DJI Phantom is one of the best selling drones that are suitable for taking dronz photos.


Drone photos can be taken by experts or novices. For increased stability and clear images, you have to take additional precautions. Here are some tips and best practices for taking great drone photos.